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La Fabrique à Réfléchir : various workshops in French for your children


Bored former student, mother, teacher, teachers’ trainer, schoolmaster (she obviously loves change!), she used to be frustrated by an educational system, for which thinking was clearly not a priority. So with a whole team of other “never happy” mates, she launched “la Fabrique à Réfléchir”, a sort of a thinking factory where she invites your children, aged 1 to 12, to take part in various workshops, all in French, in order to learn or consolidate their language skills, and develop a thinking process that is useful in any academic subject.
She offers individual classes, extra-curricular activities at various centers in Madrid, as well as holiday camps, all based on French immersion:
For a better understanding of their offer, you are invited to attend a public presentation at the Nariz Roja center, Monday, September 21 at 6pm, c/Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, 44, 28008 Madrid. Should you wish to attend, please send an e-mail to to register for the event.


Practical information

To get more information you can come on Monday 21st of September at 6pm
C/Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, 44

Send a mail to : 

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