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Exhibition (for the whole family) - Theo Jansen: Asombrosas criaturas, Fascinating creatures

The next step of evolution; after herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, comes the time of “airovores”. Indeed, the creatures of the dutch artist Theo Jansen consume air. Powered by wind energy and made from recycled materials, they are 100% ecological. Fascinated by natural selection and genetical evolution, Jansen found inspiration in the theory of evolution explained in Richard Dawkins’ Blind watchmaker to create his Animaris (a combination between animal and sea). Using algorithms and 3D simulations, Jansen continuously strives to create better prototypes, keeping the most performing elements of past creations, which he calls their DNA. In his mind, their ‘DNA’ transmits information to future generations. Indeed he sees his creatures as living organisms, and speaks of their parts using words like stomach, muscles, and brains. These creatures are truly fascinating, moving in a circular movement without ever touching the floor. “I have reinvented the wheel” jokes Jansen. His adventure was sparked in 1990 by a reflection on the state of his native country, Holland, which, due to global warming could suffer from severe floods. He thus imagined these 4 meter long and 10 meter wide ‘beach gardians’, which he hopes, with time, could help create dunes and prevent the risk of flood.

Traduced by Alexis Sarfati 

Practical information

Until the 16th of January
Fundación Telefónica
Calle Fuencarral, 3

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