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Family exhibition : Julio Verne. Los límites de la imaginación


From the window of his parents’ apartment, the young Jules Verne overlooks Nantes’ harbor, fascinated by grand ships and the exotic destinations they are sailing to. His dream is to embark on such journeys, enrolling himself in the marine, but pressure from his family restricts him to finding escape in writing.
Studying law in Paris, he meets with scientists, writers, explorers. Though he did partake in several boat expeditions, his inspiration primarily stems from his research at the library of the Geography Society of Paris, which he becomes a member to. He forebodes discoveries such as the electric submarine, or the underwater camera in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas. Thus, inventors Isaac Peral and Louis Bouton, both fascinated by the book, end up respectively inventing the electric submarine and underwater camera. Many others were inspired by Jules Verne, journalists Nellie Bly, who ventured on a 72 days world tour, or explorer Ernest Shackleton, who attempted to cross Antartica, only to name a few.
Judging by the success of the exhibit, the author continues to inspire, and make people dream, be it in Spain, France, or anywhere on the globe.
Embark on Jules Verne’s journey to discover terrestrial, aerial and underwater imaginary realms. 

Traduced by Alexis Sarfati 


Practical information


Until the 21st of february 
Fundación Telefónica  
Calle Fuencarral, 3  - Métro Gran Via 


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