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All these centres can organise a birthday party for your child. Ask for information.


La Fabrique à Réfléchir : various workshops in French for your children


Bored former student, mother, teacher, teachers’ trainer, schoolmaster (she obviously loves change!), she used to be frustrated by an educational system, for which thinking was clearly not a priority. So with a whole team of other “never happy” mates, she launched “la Fabrique à Réfléchir”, a sort of a thinking factory where she invites your children, aged 1 to 12, to take part in various workshops, all in French, in order to learn or consolidate their language skills, and develop a thinking process that is useful in any academic subject.
She offers individual classes, extra-curricular activities at various centers in Madrid, as well as holiday camps, all based on French immersion:
For a better understanding of their offer, you are invited to attend a public presentation at the Nariz Roja center, Monday, September 21 at 6pm, c/Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, 44, 28008 Madrid. Should you wish to attend, please send an e-mail to to register for the event.


Send your kids off skiing every week-end, it’s possible with Next1


Next1 is a very convenient club that offers to take your kids aged 4 to 15 to ski at Valdesqui four saturdays in a row. The transport is by bus (two departure points) at around 7.30 AM, back at 5.30 PM. The price includes ski instructors, equipment rental at reduced prices and day ski pass. Your kids won’t regret the early wake-up!
Next 1 offers the same to 15 + persons but with only 2 hours of lesson a day.  The program starts next Saturday.


Your kids are going to love The Magic Forest

Imagine a 1100 sq.m. tropical forest where your kids are kings and queens.
Let them crawl from petal to petal on giant flowers, walk around a mushroom field, climb a mountain to its peak, get lost in a labyrinth, slide on a vulcano lava…
A brand new decor created by the Kinepolis group, where they may of course celebrate their birthday. And while kids let off steam, parents get to relax in a quiet spot at their disposal.


workshops with Apple Tree Club

Speak English
They are a fun, dynamic, creative English school for native and non native children.  Their workshops include drama, music and arts and crafts.  They also run a mum and tots session once a week to help international mums get to know people in their local community.

During the summer they also run a summer camp in the mornings.  Come and find out more about them.  They are in Majadahonda, North West Madrid or visit their website:


La Cocinita

This store is full of everything kids need to be happy and healthy! The have a wide selection of food products, kitchen items, hygiene products, childcare items and books. They also offer home delivery to anywhere within Spain. But the store itself is very exciting! They offer weekly cooking classes, game groups and many other workshops for babies, kids and adults.

Planetarium Workshop for Kids

Recommended for kids ages 6 to 9 years old, the Madrid Planetarium holds workshops every Saturday where kids can simulate their own research of astronomy.  First, kids visit the surveillance screen for constellations and study supernovae or explosion of stars. Using the astronomical observatory telescope, kids should be able to draw constellations and name stars. Then kids will see how a simulator creates the different phases of the moon through the relationship of between the sun, the earth and the moon. Finally, kids will put together the images of the universe sent from the Hubble Space Telescope.
The goal of this workshop is to awaken children's curiosity for astronomy and interest in the world around us through playing with the different concepts of astronomy. 

Travel by train with Cervantes

Until the 15th of June you can make a fun and interesting trip by train. On Saturdays you can travel to Alcalá de Henares, in good company. You will journey with characters from the Siglo de Oro, some of them belonging to Cervantes' novels re-enacting passages from his books to entertain you. They will help you get to know their native city, including some of its most important buildings which have already been declared by UNESCO Patrimonio de la Humanidad.
Once you arrive at the city you will be shown everything by expert guides. You will feel like princes and princesses, well looked after and with explanations on all the main monuments. It will be a special day out, and you will have a chance to try the local food.


Thyssen for Kids

Every weekend at the Thyssen art museum, you can take an educational and fun workshop based on various themes.  For two hours, kids (age 3-12 years) will learn about art at the museum and then be able to do their own art and crafts project.  Themes include: World of Color, The Artist’s Imagination and Inspector Thyssen, which is a mystery case made specifically for families with kids aged 3-5 years old. Buy your tickets online, beforehand.


Mangas Verdes: Ball Pit for Kids and Yoga for All

This Saturday is Yoga Day! This kid’s activity center had everything your child would want for a fun day.  The place has a café, Wii room, activities room and playground.  They also feature a magic class on Saturday for kids age 7-11 year old and a crafts workshop for kids 4-7 years old on Tuesday afternoons.  This is a great place for Birthday parties.


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