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How to choose the right center for your child’s first educational experiences?

Most, if not all, 21st century parents would agree that they want quality education for their children. But what does quality education look like? When should you start?

Research shows that the quality of early experiences and relationships in the first three years of life affects brain architecture and has a deep and lasting impact on the foundation for the learning that follows. In these first few years, 700 new neural connections are formed every second (Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University). It is no surprise that early childhood education is the best investment and the key to a prosperous society!

We need to prepare future generations for a rapidly changing global world where most professions that will exist have not even been invented yet, and where people may live in at least 4-5 different countries throughout their lives. The role of early childhood educators is not only to introduce academic content, but also to instill values and build skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and leadership. Most of all, it is important that children acquire a love of learning and positive self-esteem during their early years.

Children thrive in a community where they can play, explore, learn and socialize in a safe and stimulating environment. It is important to choose an early childhood program that is accredited and can guarantee high quality standards.

English for Fun is the only American accredited Early Childhood center in Spain. Our accreditation organization, NECPA (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation) ensures that only the best standards are being met at all times:

-Highly qualified staff of educators

-Small group sizes and low student-teacher ratios to provide individualized attention

-An educational philosophy that involves parents

-An educational program based on the latest child development research

-Stimulating activities and materials based on children’s needs and interests

-Rigorous health and safety procedures

At English for Fun we are particularly careful regarding the education, training and experience required of our native English speaking teachers. Within their collaborative learning environment, they share and develop knowledge and pedagogical innovation. Our teachers are some of the best in Madrid.


English for Fun’s American Early Childhood Center

English for Fun’s American Early Childhood Center, in addition to being a nurturing environment which promotes the child’s academic, emotional and social development, teaches children to communicate in English.

They want your children to have all the tools to be successful in the future. They prepare them for a global world by teaching them English, promoting independence, critical thinking skills, positive self-esteem, and values such as responsibility, respect for diversity and multicultural enrichment, and a lifelong love of learning.

The program is play-based and child-centered, focusing on the child’s development not only in intellectual and academic areas, but also in developing their sociability, identity, and fine and gross motor skills. To enrich their experience they integrate music, theater, art and physical education into the curriculum.

- 100% immersion in English.
- Ages 1 - 6.
 - Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, where children direct their own discovery and learn through exploration, with the teacher acting as partner and facilitator in the process. 
Learning through fun, a play-based approach activates the senses and creates deeper and more meaningful learning.
Hands on approachthrough investigation, cooking, sensory activities and experiments.
- A beautiful, safe and welcoming environment acts as the third teacher, promoting connection and encouraging a more profound engagement with the materials.

 - They think each child deserves individual attention.
 - Small groupswith 1 teacher for every 4 students in the youngest group, and 1 teacher for every 9 in the oldest.
 - NECPA accredited. The only American accredited preschool in Madrid, following the highest standards. 
 - Native qualified teachers with ample experience.
 - They value family involvement.
 - Passionate and dedicated team.
 - They instill a LOVE OF LEARNING.

Two center is Madrid, in El Viso and Pozuelo.

Sign up to their next Open House event, where they gather a few families to present their project in depth and they can have a conversation and answer any queries you may have regarding the program and their inscription process. Learn more following

Think about signing up your child at Sus Pequeños Pasos

Sus Pequeños Pasos is a bilingual French/English daycare center for children from 4 month to 3 years old. For this important period for your child, Les Petits Pas does everything to provide a complete and balanced stimulation always favoring the ludic aspect.
Their primary goal is your child’s creative and autonomous development thanks to musical and theatrical activities, body expression, “psychomobility”…
For children aged above 3 years old, the center offers daily musical, theatrical and artistic workshops during which they will be able to improve a second language (French and/or English).
Finally, during July and August, the center offers urban camps during which, adapted to their age activities and games are offered. Plastic arts, outdoor activities, arts, theatre, musical choreographies…
Groups are small and Les Petits Pas has qualified and experienced native teachers.
Check out the presentation video with English subtitles.

The British Nursery Little Acorn in Alcobendas

The Little Acorns nursery school motto is "mighty oaks from little acorns grow". A new concept of education for a world moving forward. 
Little Acorns is a small, private nursery with an english-native professional team dedicated to providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment for children 12 months to 6 years old. The goal is to help children develop self-esteem and to encourage their inspiration and motivation for the future, through language and technology.

Little Acorns offers the opportunity to follow the system established by the British Curriculum in all areas of learning. It has a highly qualified team of native speakers, with years of experience teaching the British curriculum schools both in England and in Spain. The technological aspect is key, as Little Acorns is a pioneer in Spain in the use of iPads from 12 months old.
The founder and director, Alicia Baker, is British and fully bilingual since childhood, which has made her understand and recognize the value of an education in more than one language. Focusing on language, reading and writing, we ensure that children develop a full command of English.
Little Acorn focuses on:
- Communication through reading, storytelling and theater
- Reasoning, arithmetic and geometry with practical applications
- Creativity, through art, workshops, music, movement and dance
- Different cultures, races and religions, promoting knowledge, respect and understanding of the world around us
- Social development of children through play and fun 
- Technology, providing the latest technology for education, promoting and facilitating the use of Ipads from 12 months
- Health, nutrition and the environment, teaching children to care for themselves and respect nature
- Physical development through exercise and the development of psycho-motor ability

The school is divided into spacious classrooms with good light and ventilation, consistent across all age-levels. Kids are organized in small groups of up to 15 children with two teachers per classroom, to offer personalized attention. It also has a fitness gym to work on motor skills and outside there is a garden with a playground, sandbox and small orchard.
Parents have the ability to Facetime using a screen to see their children working or playing and can even talk to their kids.
Other activities Little Acorns: 
1.) Acorns Little Cafe: where mothers can meet and chat while the children play.
2.) Holiday Programs: During the holidays there are organized activities (Christmas, Easter and during the month of July). These programs are open to children from other schools from 12 months to 10 years.
Activities include intensive courses in English, various sports, dance, theater, museum visits, excursions, nature walks, art workshops, cooking and science classes, among others.
More information on the phone: 91 650 2750 or by email at
3.) Extracurricular Activities: for children in school up to 14 years of age. Various activities are all in English, including art and design, music, theater, modern dance, child book club, cooking and nutrition, yoga, swimming, and tutoring in English. 
*Little Acorns is funded in part by the Empresa Nacional de Innovación , S.A. (ENISA)

Apple Tree Club

Speak English
Apple Tree Club playschool is held daily from 09:30 to 12:30 and is open to children from the age of 18 months to 5 years.

They aim to provide a fun, happy, safe, relaxed environment, where the children are invited to discover the world around them through visiting the various activity corners set up for them.  They join together for song time and story time at different periods throughout the morning.

The playschool offeres a máximum of 24 places and is run by 3 experienced nursery nurse staff, qualified to Cache level 3 and trained in the the Early Years Foundation programme.  Their staff are caring, gentle people with a love for working with small children. Their philosophy is for the children to learn though guided play.

They follow the Early Years Sure Start curriculum as set out by the British Department of Education.
Older children are introduced to the letter sounds, using a wide range of resources and the ´Jolly Phonics´ published scheme. 

To find out more about playschool visit their website or send an email and they would be delighted to arrange an appointment for you to come and visit the centre and meet the team.

Sus Pequeños Pasos : for Kids Age 3 to 6 years old

Speak English
Sus Pequeños Pasos is a bilingual daycare for Spanish/French and Spanish/English.  In the classrooms, the activities with the children are taught only in French or English by professionals with a native-level of speaking and college degree.  Supervised by the Educational Council of Madrid, all of their educational system and facilities are modern and bright, with spacious and cozy classrooms, its own kitchen and private playground with abundant space.

In their education system they give priority to the development of children’s values at this early stage of coexistence and personal development, promoting children's creativity, independence, self-esteem, respect and teaching them to live in a community. All this is taught through different activities with art, music, movement, group games, ... and lots of love and affection from educators.  They always keep the environment fun and entertaining for the boys and girls. They also have pool activities, specially made for children this age.

They offer extracurricular activities for children in their school and for children attending other schools, up to the age of 6 years. Dance, Theatre, Rhythm and Movement in English, Music and Rhythm in French, Art and Recycling...

They schedules are wide and open and flexible.  


Little Acorns British Nursery School

Speak English
Little Acorns is a small, privately run nursery with a dedicated team, which allows children to develop and learn in a protected, happy and cosy environment. It provides children from 12 months to 6 years of age with an opportunity to learn across all areas of Early Years’ Development, following the British Curriculum, up to the end of Foundation Stage. 

All their teachers are native English speakers and fully qualified.  They have large, airy classrooms with state of the art facilities, educational materials and technology.  Each class has an average of 15 children with one teacher and one teaching assistant.

They also have a lovely playground with a vegetable garden, outdoor playing facilities and sand pit, as well as a gym.

The school has afternoon clubs for children up to the age of 14 in activities like music, cookery, art, drama, yoga, and swimming, among others.  They also organise holiday camps for children with a variety of fun activities, all in English.

They focus on all areas of Early Years Development:

  • Language and literacy, ensuring your child develops a total command of English, through communication, books, story telling, singing and theatre, using Jolly Phonics as our main methodology.
  • Problem solving, numeracy and shapes in a formal way and through play and practical applications, using the Numicon system among others
  • Creative development through art and crafts, music and dance.
  • Cultures, religions and differentiation are covered teaching knowledge, respect and understanding of the world around us.
  • Play is an important aspect of development, allowing your child to develop through social interaction, role- playing and games.
  • Introduction to technology, providing state of the art ICT facilities with iPad usage from 12 months onwards in our tech corners in each classroom.
  • Health, nutrition and the environment, teaching children to care for themselves and nature.
  • Physical development through exercise, dance, sessions promoting balance and motor skills, gym activities, and many extra curricular sports activities such as swimming and yoga.

All in all, Their objective is to make your child a happy, confident, inspired and motivated individual, encouraging his/her personal, social and emotional development.


La Comba

Small nursery school with 70 to 80 children. Your kids will be well looked after and this little school is a good transition for your babies before they start real  school.

Hanzel y Grethel

Very cosy with a family atmosphere. They start teaching English from 3 years old.