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The DV8 Physical Theatre company : John

The DV8 Physical Theatre company is opening the XXXIII Autumn to Spring Festival with John, a magnetic piece that blends dance and theatre to represent their unique vision of sex, love, and personal struggles. Not to be missed.

La Compañía Nacional de Danza presents a new version of Carmen


The Compañía Nacional de Danza shows Carmen at the Teatro de la Zarzuela. In this ballet version, Swedish choreographer Johan Inger focused on the angle of violence seen through a child’s innocent eyes. The new CND show will be led by José Carlos Martínez, Paris Opera Ballet Etoile and 1999 National Dance Laureate, among so many other awards.


Flamenco : Sara Baras is back with a new show La Pepa

The sparkling and creative flamenca Sara Baras is coming back to Madrid with her new show, La Pepa, which honours the bicentenary of Cadix’ Constitution promulgated on March 19, 1812. As a reminder, this day celebrates the resistance against French occupation people’s freedom.
Wonderful Sara Baras and her famous zapateado (tap-dance) pay tribute to this famous day. "La Pepa is not only a symbol, it is an emotion, a life attitude, a way of feeling things, a way of being”, explains the choreographer, in other words, the definition of gipsy art itself.

Danse : La Compañia Nacional de Danza celebrates its 35th anniversary

CND celebrates its 35th anniversary at Teatros del Canal, with a large spectrum of classical and contemporary choreographies.
The programme includes two parts: from October 3 to 8,  Clásicos de Hoy will be staged : Allegro Brillante choreographed by G. Balanchine, Delibes Suite and Raimonda Divertimento choreographed by José Carlos Martínez and In The Middle Somewhat Elevated by W. Forsythe.
The second and more contemporary part called ¿Quieres bailar con nosotros? will unfold from October 11 to 16 with Herman Schmerman by W. Forsythe, Casi-Casa by Mats Ek and Minus 16  by Ohad Naharim.


Dance: el Sur, tribute to Enrique Morente


El Sur by Victor Ullate, pays a vibrant tribute to both Enrique Morente, the famous flamenco singer, but also to poet and author Frederico Garcia Lorca.
El Sur’s choreography is a perfect fusion between classical ballet, contemporary dance and flamenco. Victor Ullate taught his dancers astonishingly beautiful movements, each of which expresses the Andalusians’ hypersensitivity.


La Compañia Nacional de Danza presents compositions by Balanchine, Forsythe and Ek.

La Compañía Nacional de Danza takes its quarters at Teatro Real and presents a triple program including pieces by Balanchine, Forsythe and Ek.
All three choreographers belong to the top of the international contemporary ballet scene.
In « Falling Angels », eight artists dance on Reich’s music; in « Sub », eight dancers simulate a battlefield through strong and energetic movements; and the interactive « Minus 16 » show, auditors are forced to break habits thanks to a mixture between mambo, techno et de traditional israeli music.


Dunas with Maria Pages and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

The winner of the National Dance Award joins Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in this production that fuses flamenco and contemporary dance in a collaborative piece.

The music that sets the rhythm of their movements is characterized by a combination of flamenco, classical and Arabic sounds. The result is an innovative work that reflects the artistic roots of both choreographers.

According to María Pagés: My encounters with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui have always been a product of a harmonious, rhythmic destiny. As for the Belgian-Moroccan artist, he says that Knowing María has been like knowing a passionate, positive flow of energy.


Le corsaire : The English National Ballet brings to the stage a work about pirates and romance

Imprisoned damsels, sultans, abductions, corsairs, betrayals and a shipwreck. All these factors come together on stage at the Teatros del Canal, livened up by classical ballet. The story of the intrepid pirate Conrad and Medora, one of the girls from his harem, serves as the backdrop.
Bob Ringwood, a Hollywood director and stage designer, has designed both the set and costumes of this period piece, after doing both for films such as Batman, Alien 3, Star Trek Nemesis and Troy.


The ballet company Blanca Li presents “Robot”

Blanca Li, a dance company located in the 10th arrondissement in Pais and who is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has made it a trademark to mix dancing styles: contemporary, street dance, hip hop, electro… The result? Extremely energetic shows that are both popular and very accessible. In this particular show, the challenge is technical: the dancers are in charge of putting the machines on stage into action with voluntarily minimalistic movements. They become mechanical humans directing human machines. Eight musical automatic machines, seven small robots and eight dancers are sharing the stage of "Robot".

And how did Blanca Li come up with this idea?
 "I realised that I was more and more often facing a machine, at the airport, at the office, in the metro.


La cenicienta, A ballet version of the Perrault tale by Thierry Malandain

The Biarritz Ballet taps into all its creativity to tell this classic tale by Charles Perrault through the music of Prokofiev and choreography by Thierry Malandain.

Malandain's unique vision of this ballet stresses themes such as the path to stardom, the doubt that comes when one reaches the top, rejection, suffering and the hope to see the light and leave behind all the darkest aspects of reality such as ignorance and human foolishness.


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