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Free time

Most of the international schools offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities including sport, music classes, ballet, chess, etc. Usually, schedules are convenient and teachers speak fluent English.


Basic Chalk Paint Workshop with Vintage&Shabby

If you’ve been wanting to paint that special piece of furniture but need help with basic chalk painting techniques, then this is the Workshop for you! Chalk Paint is very easy to apply, no sanding or priming furniture required. It is eco friendly, water based, clean, odor free and has a beautiful texture. In our workshop you will learn to use chalk paint with our fabulous brushes, and you will take the piece you work on (a wooden stool) home with you!. No painting experience is needed, just let your creativity flow! The Workshop is held in English and we will have a coffee break.

Drawing at Circulo de Bellas Artes

In the painting and life-drawing workshops of the Círculo de Bellas Artes, there is no teacher or minimum level of experience required. Just like when you were little. But these workshops display still lifes and naked models (not like when you were little- a good reason to have a few more years of age) who pose for you for hours. A real luxury for 15 euros per month. And the best way to resume your art career unfairly cut short.
The workshops take place from Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 22:00 and are freely available to members of the Circle. Associated costs: 15 euros / month + registration


Painting and Drawing at Taller del prado

The Art Academy Workshop of the Prado, Art Academy Workshop Prado, located in the heart of Madrid (Metro Sol), offers all the necessary resources to develop your creativity.  The workshop offers flexible hours and has teachers with extensive experience teaching. In a special area, enjoy the atmosphere full of passion for the arts.

Drawing classes for children and adults. They also organise museum visits and talks.

Painting and Drawing at Estudio Isabel Gómez

Drawing and painting classes for children and adults. The studio is large and the atmosphere is very pleasant. Children learn different techniques and explore many different materials. 


Sculpture at Arte Kroom

Yolanda will help you discover all your hidden talents by introducing you to new techniques and materials. The sessions last three hours. She gives classes in the morning or the evening.


Couture and Patchwork at Club de Labores

If you want to make clothes for your children, the best option is El Club de Labores, where you can join sewing classes where you will create dresses, shirts, bibs. They have lots of groups and provide all the materials for the classes. 

Patchwork at Dechado

Welcome to the world of patchwork! They began with cross stitch and now specialise in patchworking.  In Dechado you can attend beginner classes and continue with quilting. And of course you can buy kits for cross stitching and crocheting.

Couture and Patchwork at Inke

They are specialists in knitting, cross stitch and  patchwork. In their shop you will find all the materials and cloth for patchworking, materials for bordering tableclothes, needles, wool, kits for crocheting and cross stitch, ideas for  borders of blankets, bibs and cushions. You can attend their classes or get help with problems or get advice.

Binding at taller Amillo

Binding workshops for beginners and advanced levels. Each session lasts three hours and there are two sessions per week (24 hours per month). We recommend that you contact them in advance as they have very few places and are very popular.

Binding at Taller B. Moreno

Classes on book binding and picture framing in an attractive building right next to the trendy calle Fuencarral. The atmosphere is 100% Spanish and very pleasant.