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Bikram Yoga Orgaz center

A new centre has opened in the arturo soria area for followers of Bikram Yoga.
For those who are not familiar with the method and want to discover this very different form of excercise, Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 poses (asanas) and 2 types of breathing execises (pranayamas) that you practice in a room heated at 40 and at 40% humidity. It consists of intensive exercise aimed at anyone whatever their age or level of fitness.
Every asana stretches and reinforces muscles, tendons, ligaments and opens up joints for a better oxigenation. The whole body is stimulated, working all the systems: muscular, respiratory, digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal.

Exercise carried out in these hot and humid conditions avoids lesions and allows the student to note a rapid increase in strength and flexibility, allowing a profound safe body workout from the bones to your skin.

Regular practice of Bikram Yoga maintains your body in excellent form, improves your posture and aligns your vertebrae,helping with back pain, toning muscles and refining your silhouette. It reduces stress, balances the emotions and brings serenity.

City Yoga

This centre offers 500 m2 of peace and is a fantastic place to come and relax. A great variety of classes are available including yoga, Thai Chi and many others. You can also enjoy different kinds of massage therapy or book an hour of relaxation in their “flotation tank”. A haven of peace !