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Finally some high quality dim sum in Madrid


Everyone talks about it and has its opinion on how much they loooove this or the other dim sum (literally meaning to touch heart). But apart from finding acceptable ones frozen at Chinese groceries, this small Chinese roll steamed in a bamboo basket was impossible to come across in Madrid. Until now. We have found the place that makes delicious ones!
The Dim Sum Market has two addresses : the restaurant corner close to Puerta del Sol does not look very attractive but will allow you to taste some if you happen to be in the area. The other address is a stall at Barcelo market’s second floor. There, you may buy them and take them home!
Delightful, tasty and varied, they are home made and please any palate: meat, fish, seafood, vegetable, herbs... Absolutely mouthwatering!


German Food

A German delicatessen, bakery and butcher’s shop. Homemade and imported sau-sages, cold cuts, salads, breads and pastries, German wine and beer. Notable are white sausages, patés, strudels and German holiday items.
Store and Restaurant: C/ Rodríguez Marín 84 - Mº Concha Espina

Tel.: 915 63 74 47
Restaurant: Centro Comercial, Arturo Soria Plaza
Tel.: 917 39 74 31


American Food

Taste of America
These shops offer really hard to find typical American products such as pie crust mixes, American peanut butter, Betty Crocker cake mixes, pancake and brownie mixes, all the Paul Newman sauces and many other very special food stuffs most adults and kids will love.                                                                             

Calle Serrano 149 - Mº Republica Argentina
Tel.: 914 11 46 42
Calle Cea Bermudez 58-60

Tel.: 913 99 58 86
Av. Ensanche de Vallecas 47-49, local 1
Tel.: 911 72 98 99
Calle Ribera de Curtidores 39
Tel.: 911 72 58 93
Calle San Marcos 20
Tel.: 910 13 09 37
Avenida de Europa 23 - Pozuelo de Alarcón
Tel.: 913 51 96 56
Avenida Olímpica 32 - Alcobendas
Tel.: 916 57 27 08
Calle Francisco Umbral 14 - Majadahonda
Tel.: 916 34 10 59
Plaza Carretas 3 - Getafe
Tel.: 916 01 09 05
Calle Beatas 4 - Alcalá de Henares 
Tel.: 918 77 66 82


Italian Food

The best Italian deli in all Madrid.  Delicious fresh pasta, sauces, sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil and other delicacies.
First Store: C/ Ríos Rosas 39 - Mº Ríos Rosas

Tel.: 914 41 08 14
Second Store: Plaza San Miguel, s/n
Tel.: 625 54 06 18
Restaurant: C/ Ríos Rosas, 49
Tel.: 915 54 29 25


This very tiny shop sells fresh and home-made pastas and sauces. From traditional spaghetti to the most sophisticated ravioli stuffed with salmon and cheese, you’ll find all the Italian pastas you have ever dreamed of and it will be impossible to resist.
Tel.: 91 308 17 74
C/ Fernando VI 2 - Mº Chueca


Asian Food

If you like Thai or Chinese cuisine you’ll find everything you need in these shops. They sell dim-sum, curry paste and a range of fresh, frozen and tinned products. The shop at N° 23 has a greater range of cooking equipment.
Tel.: 915 79 72 50 / 915 79 42 30
C/ General Margallo 4, 12 and 23 - Mº Tetuán
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Tokio Ya                                                                                          
Japanese food and food for the Japanese taste, kitchenware and china.  A large selection of dry and canned goods, plus some frozen and chilled items.
Tel.: 915 79 23 11
Avda. Presidente Carmona 9 - Mº Estrecho

Sabri Food Store
Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern dry and canned foods, breads and snacks, and spices in packages of 50 g, 400 g and one kilo. The freezer case has some unusual frozen vegetables.
Tel.: 917 26 98 33

C/ de San Emilio 4 - Mº Carmen